Meet the Maker - Faye Hall

Posted on 30 Mar 08:00

Sketchbook details from Faye Hall for Ring exhibition Diana Porter

This week we speak to Textile artist and Silversmith Faye Hall. Faye's collection beautifully combines the two disciplines; pairing textiles techniques and a variety materials to create wearable art jewellery that... Read more

Meet the Maker - Isla Gilham

Posted on 23 Mar 08:00

Isla Gilham developing collections with juicy bite gems

This week we speak to Central Saint Martins Graduate Isla Gilham, with her iconic 'Juicy bite' gemstones jewellery. Isla creates decadent, playful pieces inspired by tales of a delicious Jelly... Read more

Meet the Maker - Mark Newman

Posted on 16 Mar 07:30

Complex designs imagined from sketchbook by Mark Newman

This we we interview Mark Newman for the Meet the Maker' blog post. Mark's series of three 'Matrix' rings feature unique specially cut stones and complex sculptural designs crafted from... Read more

Meet the Maker - Tamara Gomez

Posted on 9 Mar 07:00

Sketches and inspiration by Tamara Gomez

This week we interview Tamara Gomez for our 'Meet the Maker' series. Tamaras work is characterised by the use of glossy raw diamonds and glittering diamond slices. Drawing on insiprations from ancient... Read more

Meet the Maker - Francesca Marcenaro

Posted on 2 Mar 07:00

The Lake of Desires

This week on 'Meet the Maker', Francesca Marcenaro tells us her wonderful Fairytale that inspired the 'Lakes of Desires' Collection. Her collection of rings are made in three different metals;... Read more

Meet the Maker - Josef Koppmann

Posted on 21 Feb 07:00

Josef Koppman Setting stones in silver and gold ring

This week we have a Q&A session with Josef Koppmann for our latest 'Meet the Maker'. Having studied at the Arts and Crafts College in Vienna, Josef set up his... Read more

Meet the Maker - Corrinne Eira Evans

Posted on 13 Feb 11:14

Corrinne Eira Evans working on her rings in her workshop

This week we are launching our 'Meet the Maker' series of blog posts. Here we get to learn a little bit more about each of the designers featuring in our... Read more

Open call for LGBTQ+ jewellers

Posted on 6 Feb 13:05

Open call for LGBTQ+ jewellers In support of the LGBTQ+ community, Diana Porter Jewellery is excited to be curating its first Queer exhibition, we know creativity is central to the... Read more

RING ~ Introducing our latest Exhibition

Posted on 5 Feb 10:00

RING exhibition

Welcome to our New RING exhibition that launches today, with an extensive selection of beautiful rings to adorn your hands!   Each year we invite some of our favourite designers to... Read more

Meet The Maker - Liz Crow

Posted on 27 Sep 16:25

Liz Crow Bracelet and ring

This week we speak to Liz Crow for our final instalment of our 'Meet the Maker'  blog series. We take a look at the 'Impermanence' collection featuring silver necklaces, bracelets... Read more