Meet The Maker - Clio Saskia

Posted on 26 Jun 10:30

Clio Saskia Chameleon Ring for Enchantment Exhibition


This week we interview Clio Saskia with her brilliant 'Wild Things' jewellery collection. Creatures and textures crafted in precious metals crawling, slithering and wrapping around ears and fingers. The pieces in this collection all explore our natural human curiosity, capturing fleeting moments of activity through twinkling sapphires and flowing golden forms.


Who inspires you the most? -  Artists, designers or even friends and family.

   "The artists Les Lalannes inspire me greatly, as their work beautifully explores playfulness alongside functionality. René Lalique is another long-time inspiration for the way in which he maintains such a lifelike and romantic quality to the animals and plants that he depicts in his work."

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

   "My creative process is playful and explorative, and always begins with research relationships and evolutionary adaptations within the natural world. Through sketches, models and wax carving I explore form, and the interplay between human and nature, and I test various different making techniques before settling on a final design. Textures, shapes and moving parts are all considered depending on the animal that I am recreating. Most important is the question: where would the real animal / plant perch, or how would they interact with us and move over our hands, arms and ears if they were real?"

What are you listening to?

   "I always listen to the ‘A Thousand Facets’ podcast, as Jo poses fascinating questions about each designer-maker’s process, inspiration and materials. I listen to the ‘Blind Boy Podcast’ as his deep dives into weird connections in our modern lives and hot takes on current events are fantastically entertaining and insightful. And finally I love listening to the BBC Earth and National Geographic podcasts while I work, for new discoveries into our wonderful natural world."

What’s next for you?

   "This year I am working on a new collection, which focusses on love stories in nature. I have chosen animals who have unique love languages, and express their affection for each other in notable ways, which relate to our own human experience of wooing a potential partner. I am returning to bronze as a materials for my creations, and am excited to incorporate this historically meaningful and beautiful metal back into my work. Dramatic gemstones are also becoming more of a focus in my new collection, which are very inspirational to work with."

Lizard Ear Climbers by Clio Saskia

What’s next for your brand?
   "As a specialist in creating one-of-a-kind pieces, I am moving towards creating exclusively limited edition and one of a kind pieces. My interest lies in exploring curiosity and showcasing amazing stories, and working one on one with clients brings a beautiful element of extra inspiration to table. I am working on bigger and bolder sculptural works, which become part of the home environment. Alongside creating adornment for the home, these sculptures form the stands for my jewellery pieces, allowing the pieces be admired as both an object and a precious jewel."

Yellow Gold Gecko Ear Climbers by Clio Saskia

Which is your favourite piece?
   "My favourite piece within this collection are the Gecko Earrings. For me they are quintessentially Clio Saskia - playful, and alive with texture and gemstones."

Finally, for fun, what would be your dream piece to make or person to make for?
   "A dream person to create a piece for would be Iris Apfel - her eye for colour and drama is  extraordinary, and I would love to see how she would showcase one of my designs in all its glory."



Clio's Work is available to view and purchase as part of our exclusive nature themed Enchantment exhibition.
A collection of jewellery, inspired by the rich textures found within the flora and fauna of our world.
Featuring the talented works of: Catherine Hills , Clio Saskia, Issi Bulloch, Issy White, Lucy Stopes-Roe, Maria Manola and Victoria Walker.

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