Fairtrade Gold

We at Diana Porter are committed to making jewellery from Fairtrade gold and are committed to responsible sourcing and ethical practices. Based on the simple idea that the products we sell are connected to the livelihoods of others, Fairtrade is a way to make a conscious choice for a better world, so since 2015, we have been producing all our gold pieces are made using Fairtrade gold and our silver pieces are made from recycled silver when possible.   

 We are moving towards being a wholly sustainable jewellery company. We are committed to responsible sourcing and ethical practises. Our priority is to offer our customers the peace of mind that traceability provides.

‘Contemporary Jewellery for a sustainable future, safeguarding jobs and the environment’


There is a small amount of Fairtrade silver available that is a by-product from the gold mining. We can also offer Fairmined silver which is mined without using harmful chemicals. At present there is not a large or consistent enough supply so for our new collections we’ve chosen recycled silver where possible. 


In September 2011, shortly after Fairtrade Gold launched, we began offering our customers the option of using this ethical supply of gold. We are proud to say that since 2015, we have been producing all our gold rings in Fairtrade gold. 


We now offer 100% recycled platinum

Diamonds and Gemstones

We source Candamark diamonds that are among the most responsibly sourced diamonds in the world, each one completely natural and free of all treatments, whilst meeting high standards for clarity, cut and colour and are traceable back to their mine of origin.

Each Canadamark diamond is inscribed with with their certification number, which can also be verified on the Canadamark website.

At present, we can source a variety of traceable diamonds and gemstones on request. Each of our diamond searches is bespoke and we can source a range of diamond shapes, sizes, colors and clarities with fully traceable credentials, dependent on your requirements.  

Lab-Grown Diamonds 

Aside from the above options, we can also supply lab-grown diamonds as options for you to consider if you wish to look into alternatives to natural mined diamonds. 

Where does the gold come from?

The Fairtrade Gold we currently use comes from the Cotapata mine in Bolivia, the very place that Diana visited when her investigations in Fairtrade began. Fairtrade gold is also sourced from SOTRAMI mine in Peru, and numerous other mines in South American, the supply being led by demand. A lifeline for the families, the community depends on these mines to provide employment, education, health, and clean water. 

The providers must adhere to Fairtrade’s strict standards on working conditions, women’s rights, child labour and environment management. This includes minimising the use of toxic chemicals to help protect the delicate ecosystems in the forests. In return, miners gain access to markets and receive the Fairtrade Premium – the extra sum they receive to develop their businesses and invest into their communities.

Our customers want to know where their purchases are sourced from, and that their gold is obtained to the highest set of standards regarding people and the environment. An informed, ethical choice, is becoming the soundest choice. Thanks to Fairtrade the basic social fabric is changing for good.

Changes are happening, whenever you buy a piece of jewellery made from Fairtrade Gold, you are deciding to be a part of this bigger picture. Choosing Fairtrade products in all areas of life, means that you are contributing to enriching the lives of these people and others across the world.


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