Jewellery Care

Please note that each product is handmade by Diana Porter and therefore unique. Diana’s work has an organic feel to it; slight variations in form and material are part of the unique character of the work.


Diana Porter’s jewellery comes in a choice of finishes; though most of it is shown in a sand-blasted matt finish on this website. You can also choose from fluffy, filed, frosted or polished finishes.

It is important to note that matt finishes will become more shiny and polished finishes will become duller as they are worn.

This change can happen quite quickly in the case of rings which are subject to heavy wear but will take a long time with earrings or necklaces which are far less likely to be knocked and rubbed.

We rather like the way the jewellery changes with the wearer, reflecting the bumps and shiny bits of life, but we are happy to renew the finish, for the cost of postage.

Tips for General Jewellery Care

— Remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities. This will ensure that your jewellery does not get accidentally damaged.

— Beauty products for skin and hair can react with precious stones and metals, causing your jewellery to tarnish, discolour and even possibly corrode. Please put your jewellery on last, after applying cosmetics, scents and sprays.

— When storing your jewellery, we recommend doing so in airtight boxes or bags. Exposure to the environment can cause your silver jewellery to tarnish over time. Storing it sensibly will keep it looking newer for longer.

— Do not store your jewellery in damp or humid conditions as this causes tarnishing.

— Take extra care when cleaning jewellery set with stones and pearls. If unsure about how to clean your jewellery please contact us directly.


If you have any further questions or queries relating to the care of your jewellery, you can contact us at here.