Employee Ownership

Posted on 23 Jan 16:04

Staff Team Photo Diana Porter Jewellery shop Bristol Jewellers

October 2023 marks a key moment in the history of Diana Porter Jewellery as we completed the transition to employee ownership. We are now an employee-owned company with each employee... Read more

Meet The Maker - Molly J Rigby

Posted on 12 Oct 10:30

Molly Rigby for New Designers Exhibition at Diana Porter Jewellery Bristol

This week on our Meet the maker blog post we talk to the talented Molly Rigby about her graduate Collection 'Clubbing Through the Generations' . An exploration of thoughts and feelings... Read more

Meet The Maker - Saipranathi Sreeram

Posted on 28 Sep 10:00

Silk brooch by Saipranathi Sreeram for New designers exhibition at Diana Porter Jewellery Bristol

Saipranathi Sreeram grew up in Bengaluru, India, surrounded by objects of Craft. Jewellery was one of these, but their particular interest was developed later. For it is now a language,... Read more

Meet the Maker - Ania Sikorska

Posted on 21 Sep 09:00

Ania Sikorska for New Designers Exhibition at Diana Porter Jewellery Bristol

For this weeks installment of our 'Meet the Maker' talks we speak to Ania Sikorska about her graduate collection entitled Arche'. A vibrant and  collection of statement earrings that are... Read more

Meet the Maker - Martina Kocianova

Posted on 14 Sep 09:00

Step into the mystical world of 'shroomy' jewellery with artist Martina Kocianova for this weeks edition of 'Meet the Maker'. Her collection includes fairytale treasures such as Potion rings, Tooth... Read more

Meet The Maker - Laura Cruikshank

Posted on 6 Sep 10:00

Meet the Maker, Laura Cruikshank for New Designers Exhibition Diana Porter

This week we interview the 'Diana Porter New Designers Award' winner Laura Cruikshank. Laura's collection of statement earrings and handcrafted jewellery pieces are each named after different gentle movements she... Read more

New Designers 2023

Posted on 15 Aug 11:17

The New Designers 2023 exhibition by Diana Porter Jewellery featuring a handpicked selection of graduate artists

New Designers 2023 exhibition champions the work of graduate designers. Showcasing design ideas that dip into realms of Fine art, Sculpture or Metal-Smithing to create unique and thought provoking bodies... Read more

Meet the Maker - Lukas Svyba

Posted on 27 Jul 11:00

Lukas Svyba Gold Sapphire ring Queer Exhibitiion

This week we speak to Lukas Svyba with his other worldly jewellery with pieces taken from his 'Quantum Bubble' and 'Other Realms' collections. Texturally rich rings that are bejewelled with... Read more

Meet the Maker - Mark Mcleish

Posted on 13 Jul 16:38

Art-jewellery object by Mark McLeish for Queer exhibition at Diana Porter Jewellery

This week on 'Meet the Maker' we talk with Mark Mcleish, discussing his early entrepreneurial endeavours and inspirations behind the 'Room For You' collection. Mark's unique sculptural artworks utilise an... Read more

Meet The Maker - Holly Heron-Chambers

Posted on 28 Jun 10:00

Holly Heron-Chambers Just Re-do it for Queer exhibition Diana Porter jewellery

This week we speak to designer Holly Heron-Chambers and take a look at the pieces in the collection titled ‘Just re-Do It’. "This collection pays homage to the fashion and subcultures... Read more