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This collection emulates buds emerging and crustacea forming as if by magic in unlikely places. These hand sculpted buds nestle in earrings and cluster around bangles. Pieces are adorned with chains and hoops are linked together; unbroken and continual, emanating new beginnings. All made from recycled sterling silver. 

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Small Silver 'Emerge' Hoop Necklace
Silver 'Emerge' Earrings with Chain
Small Silver 'Emerge' Hoop Necklace With Salt Pepper and Black Diamonds
Large Silver 'Emerge' Double Hoop Necklace
Silver 'Emerge' Bracelet
Small Silver 'Emerge' Double Hoop Necklace
From £141.00
Silver 'Emerge' Hoop Earrings
Silver 'Emerge' Bud Necklace
From £117.00
Silver 'Emerge' Bangle
Small Silver 'Emerge' Ear Studs
Medium Silver 'Emerge' Ear Studs
Large Silver 'Emerge' Ear Studs