Enchantment - Meet the Designers

Posted on 10 Jun 17:12

Enchantment ExhibitionWelcome to our new exhibition of jewellery inspired by the rich textures found within the flora and fauna of our world. Intricate details from the feathers of birds and petals of plants are patiently replicated in precious metals. Textural studies from turtle shells, tree bark and rock formations are translated in to silver and gold and embellished with semi-precious stones and diamonds.


Scroll through to read a little bit of info on each of the designers that are featuring in the exhibition and to shop their collection.

Catherine Hills Inspiration and Drop earrings

Catherine Hills

Catherine set-up her jewellery design business in Central London in 1993, following graduation from the Royal College of Art. She has been at the forefront of British jewellery design for over thirty years.

Her distinctive pieces, described as ‘contemporary classics’ are inspired by nature and characterised by the use of repetitive abstract forms. The work is influenced by the granulation technique of ancient civilisations. She strives to produce work which is a sensitive response to the demand for distinctive, affordable jewellery.

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Clio Saskia Chameleon Ring for enchantment exhibition diana porter bristol

Clio Saskia

Clio Saskia is the designer and maker of ethical fine jewellery inspired by weird and wonderful creatures which inhabit exotic corners of our natural world. With an eye for detail and a background in traditional sculpture, Clio hand carves precious jewellery in which fascinating details are captured, and vibrant gemstones are brought to life. Clio started her career in the Australian Gemfields on a small claim, mining sapphires and falling in love with natural gemstones. Specialising in bespoke and one-of-a-kind pieces, Clio’s work is made using 100% recycled 18ct yellow gold and fully traceable natural gemstones.

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Victoria Walker Daffodil kinetic pendant enchantment bristol exhibition

Victoria Walker

Specialising in fine, kinetic jewellery, Victoria’s work is inspired by the beauty of natural forms; her signature botanical lockets featuring miniature articulated flowers that gently emerge and unfold from within. These moving designs are inspired by the sentimental nature of lockets, in that sometimes the most precious and treasured elements are hidden beneath the surface. Using traditional techniques with precious metals and diamonds, every tiny petal is hand formed and precisely engineered to create these beautiful impressions of the natural world.

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Issy White Jewellery For Enchantment Exhibition Bristol

Issy White

Issy White’s jewellery is made directly from textures and shapes from the natural world. She forages for fragments of nature – like a peeling piece of bark and a fallen seed. By carefully manipulating the metal and embellishing it with precious gemstones, she aims to capture Mother Nature and recast it - to turn it into something that connects its wearer back to nature. Issy uses recycled metals and sustainably sourced stones, in an aim to respect every knot and rivulet she casts.

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Issi Bulloch Jewellery for the Enchantment Exhibition Diana Porter

Issi Bulloch

Jewellery Created from the love of Foraging and collecting. Issi see’s herself as a caster first and foremost and then a silversmith creating all aspects of jewellery herself. The foraging, the casting, the designing and creating, the stone-setting and finally the polishing are done single handedly yet with some help from her 4 yrs old twin boys and 5 yrs old daughter. She describes her work as 'Jewellery made from Mother Nature by the hands of a Mother.'

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Lucy Stopes-roe Stargazing fox necklace for enchantment

Lucy Stopes-Roe

Lucy Stopes-Roe is a self-taught jewellery designer, sculptor and artist from London, UK. All her nature-inspired gold and silver creations are sculpted, cast and finished by hand. Meticulously detailed replicas of birds, insects and sea creatures are captured in precious metals and transformed into wearable pendants, earrings and bracelets.

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MAria MAnola Jewellery Enchantment Bristol Exhibition

Maria Manolo

María Manola is a Chilean jeweller and designer based in London. Her work focuses on the constant search of an organic and minimalist aesthetic in jewellery. Every handmade piece designed to enlighten and adds a little bit of nature to your everyday. Her jewellery tries to reflect the beauty of imperfection from the inspiring landscapes of the South of Chile and the geological forms of the Andes.
Each of her pieces in the Gea collection features at least one of her signature,  faceted gold rocks. with some decorated with diamonds and Semi precious stones. 

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The Enchantment exhibition will run instore and online from June 7th until August 31st. 

Featuring the talented works of: Catherine Hills , Clio Saskia, Issi Bulloch, Issy White, Lucy Stopes-Roe,  Maria Manola and Victoria Walker.