Crafting Brilliance: The Making of the Collaboration Collection

Posted on 28 Feb 11:03

In celebration of becoming an employee owned business, we are excited to launch our first ever in-house collaborative project featuring eighteen exclusive rings, each one designed by a member of the team.

Come behind the scenes with us as we explore the design process and talk to some of the team about creating their dream designs.

I wanted to create a ring that celebrated the individuality of this unique yellow diamond by surrounding it with an irregular constellation of smaller brilliant cut diamonds.”

         - Electra - Gallery Assistant   

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, each ring in the exhibition tells a story. As visitors explore the exhibition, they are invited to connect with the stories behind the rings, forging a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and values that underpin them. Each ring cultivates Diana’s signature textures and shapes, honouring the brands heritage whilst allowing each designer to add thier own contemporary flourish.

“I have always loved the Strata texture and wanted to create a halo ring that complemented this rich texture. The ring has an old-time feel, and I love that it looks like an ancient treasure.”

      Zoya - Gold and Platinum Specialist  

Full of one-of-a-kind treasures, the exhibition showcases a diverse array diamonds and gemstones, perfectly suited for alternative brides and jewellery collectors alike. Classic styles like the Solitaire engagement ring or the Eternity band are reimagined with geometric arrangements and Halo styles are elevated with oversized surrounds. Shield, crown and cluster style rings combine old-school glamour with fashionable diamond cuts and modern finishes; presenting a unique opportunity to own a piece of bespoke art jewellery.

design sketches and meetings for the collaboration exhibition

For the longest time I’ve dreamt of a big, gold, shield ring... rich in texture and sprinkled with diamonds; a real statement piece of jewellery that you could spot in a crowd! Inspired by the kind of jewellery you find in a museum, ancient artefacts crafted for royalty; decorative, special and a piece to treasure forever. The workshop meticulously sculpted an elegant oval shape in Diana's signature Molten texture forming the essence of the shield ring. I then handpicked each diamond combining a mixture of marquise and tapered baguette cuts interspersed with round, twinkly rose cuts to  create the perfect scattering.

    -  Ashleigh, PR & Social Media Manage

Creating the wax model addidng diamonds for gold shield ring diana porter jewwellery collaborationThe exhibition ‘Collaboration’ launches on Friday 8th March and will be available to purchase exclusively at Diana Porter Gallery in Bristol and online. 

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