Employee Ownership

Posted on 23 Jan 16:04

October 2023 marks a key moment in the history of Diana Porter Jewellery as we completed the transition to employee ownership.

We are now an employee-owned company with each employee not only benefiting from a share of the profits, but they are also part of key decision making.

Team Photo Diana Porter Jewellery Shop Bristol Park Street Workshop

Long before Diana passed in February 2021, she was working on a succession plan for when she was no longer able to be part of the business. She felt the best way for the company to continue was to pass it over to those who had helped her build it. Furthermore, employee owned businesses achieve higher productivity, greater levels of innovation and are more resistant to economic turbulence. They also have a more engaged, more fulfilled and less stressed workforce.

We will still be offering the same level of service to our wonderful customers, but we believe this exciting move brings us in line with our core values and our vision.


Portrait Shot of Diana Porter wearing Sibyl Pendants Bristol
Diana’s Vision Statement 
 ‘To have a business that retains its integrity in design, employment and product. A business that doesn’t exploit people and that is aiming to promote harmony. This will be achieved by retaining a sense of vision and optimism, employing the right people, and responding to market trends.’
‘I want the company to maintain its unique character and integrity. To retain the design element of the work and maintain the policy and philosophy. The employees to have a great quality of life, working conditions and enjoy their work’
  Diana Porter 2020  

Business Director Claire's Vision Statement

"Moving forward without Diana’s brilliant creative mind and business drive is a daunting prospect. I’ve learnt so much from her over the 15 years we worked together but one of the key things she taught me was the value of people. I feel for the company to continue to thrive, we need to pull together as a team, collectively working towards the same goals. This is why I think the Employee Ownership Trust is the best way for the company to move forwards."

Sibyl Pendant in Diana Porter Jewellery Workshop based in Bristol Park street

"I want employees to feel valued and be proud to work at Diana Porter. I want their hard work and achievements to be recognised and celebrated. I want harmony within the team and for it to be a supportive environment for people to grow.

It will be important for us to be able to challenge each other, to strive for perfection so we keep the high standard of quality and design. We mustn’t get complacent and let things stand still.

I want to retain our reputation as the leading outlet in the UK for cutting edge / contemporary design both from our in-house collections, as well as an eclectic variety of independent designers and excellent customer service.

Sustainability is important to us and key to the company's vision, so I want to make sure we keep looking at ways to improve on this, putting pressure on the industry to look for and provide more sustainable options."

Tray of Fairtrade Gold Diana Porter Rings set with ethically Sourced Sapphires and Diamonds

Diana Porter Jewellery - Moving Forwards

We have decided to commemorate this transition with a unique exhibition entitled 'Collaboration'.

Each valued team member has been given the opportunity to create a ring of their choosing to exhibit. Designs have been created using Fairtrade Golds and have drawn inspiration from Dianas extensive collections to ensure each one-of-a-kind design has the essence of Diana Porter Style.

   - Launching Spring 2024.