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Designed to be given as gifts to a loved one, to mark a special occasion or to build upon your own collection. These handcrafted charms can be added to chains and worn as necklaces or added to our handmade link bracelets.

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Silver 'Being' charm
From £44.00
Silver 'And On' Disc Charm
Fine Link Textured Silver Charm Bracelet
Mini Silver Sibyl Charm
Large Silver Heart Charm
Caged Cubic Zirconia Charm
From £53.00
Silver and Gold Kiss Charm Necklace
Silver 'AND ON' Charm
From £49.00
Rounded Silver Charm Bracelet
Flat Link Charm
From £41.00
Etched Round 'Strata' Charm
From £52.00
Silver 'Strata' Three Bud Charm
From £59.00