RING - The Exhibition

Posted on 31 May 11:18

Our 'RING' exhibition is coming to a close in the next week and the shop has been dazzled by the unique creations of the ten talented jewellery designers. Don't miss this last chance to discover some of the truley inspiring rings on display. 



Contrasting white and yellow gold merge together to create unique tones and textures, hand sculpted tiny skulls entwine around organic bands and brilliant bold diamonds dazzle from the most intricate of settings upon carved metal shards.



Tactile repetitions in gold, inspired by nature, free form gemstones accentuated by angular gold line and delicate granulation work on finely wrapped gold threads.



Tightly wound spring like gold wire accented with diamonds and gems, intricately woven layers of precious metals with rough cut diamonds and dramatic black and gold stacking rings all meticulously crafted by hand.


There are mens and women’s wedding bands, engagement rings and eternity bands; so, whether you’re thinking of tying the knot, recently engaged or just a ring enthusiast there is plenty of inspiration for all!