New Designers 2023

Posted on 15 Aug 11:17

New Designers 2023 exhibition champions the work of graduate designers. Showcasing design ideas that dip into realms of Fine art, Sculpture or Metal-Smithing to create unique and thought provoking bodies of work. The level of workmanship and creativity on display this year has blown us away and we have hand-picked collections that demonstrate a mixture of styles, jewellery making techniques and contemporary materials.


Laura Cruikshank

Laura Cruikshank flow earring

Starting with our Diana Porter New Designer Award winner, Laura Cruikshank’s work is process driven where the rhythms of observing, drawing, gathering, and making overlap. This allows a continual progression and development of compositions which are playfully arranged and rearranged amongst an ever-growing library of abstracted forms, textures, and the study of subtle movement.


Saipranathi Sreeram

Saipranthi Sreeram brooch

Saipranathi Sreeram, creates objects within the worlds of Silversmithing and Jewellery, inspired by her upbringing in Bengaluru, India, surrounded by objects of Craft. Saipranathi says of her work: “Jewellery is now a language, a way of expression. A ‘wearable’ object that voices what I can’t verbalise.” Hailing from a former colony, her work which evolves in the UK, often challenges the notion of ‘post-colonialism’. The ‘Un-Paisley’ collection explores the colonial history and conquest being the ‘Paisley’ pattern as it’s titled in the West.


Ania Sikorska

Ania fuscia earrings

Ania Sikorska Graduated in Jewellery & Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art. She says of her work: "Creating jewellery is an art form for me. I think of jewellery as applied art closely related to the human body. Jewellery can arouse emotions and provoke, and I like to think that the jewellery I create is just like that; that it inspires discussions, encourages reflection, attracts attention and promotes values close to me." Her brightly coloured earrings are on display as part of the exhibition.


Molly Rigby

Molly Rigby Earrings

‘Remembering thick smoke, loud music, friendships and dancing brings you back to your youth.’ Molly’s work work is inspired by the differences and similarities between clubbing culture now, and clubbing culture in the 90’s and early 00’s. Molly produces pieces which tell peoples’ stories, particularly through text, photography and colour, to create pieces which act as memorabilia for previous and future generations alike.


Will Barrett

Will Barrett bracelet

As a jewellery design student and business owner, Will is deeply passionate about crafting unique and stunning pieces that reflect the individuality and personal style of his clients. “Through my studies, I have developed a strong understanding of the technical aspects of jewellery making, including sketching, prototyping, and metalworking. I have also had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships and independent projects, which has allowed me to hone my skills and explore my creative vision.”


Martina Kocianova

MArtina signet ring mushroom

Martina Kocianova is a jewellery artist known for creating fantastical and playful pieces inspired by the world of magic and mushrooms. Based in her London studio, she personally designs and crafts each piece of jewellery.

Martina's inspiration stems from her childhood memories of mushroom foraging with her mother in Slovakia. She reinterprets these memories into vibrant and conceptual jewellery designs. One of Martina's key focuses is on traditional jewellery techniques, particularly hand engraving, gem carving, and stone setting. She has practised her skills during her time at Central Saint Martins, where she completed her Bachelor's degree.


The New Designers 2023 Exhibition
11th August - 21st October

Featuring the ‘Diana Porter New Designers Award’ winner Laura Cruikshank.
Alongside the talented works of:
Will Barrett, Martina Kocianova, Molly Rigby, Ania Sikorska and Saipranathi Sreeram.