Meet The Maker - Itziar Olaberria

Posted on 17 Aug 09:00

When did you start creating?

I am quite new to creative processes. After some interesting experiences in photography and printmaking, I decided to go to college and get some training. That’s where I discovered my love for making, though at that point it was ceramics I was interested about.

Development and playing with ideas

Who inspires you the most?

Some of the artists that belonged to the “Informalistas” group of the second half of the century, Spain, have had an influence in my cultural and artistic formation: Chillida, Tàpies, Millares… Their work is characterized by the use of an abstract language in which the choice of materials (often unusual in artistic expression) plays a relevant role.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

In anything that catches my eye. My camera is full of graphic compositions that “happen” in urban environments (floors and walls are a great source!), and especially those created by use and decay. I have a fixation with rust!

 Inspiration from Itziar Olaberria

What was the inspiration for this collection?

Traces - aztarnak represents the experiences (positive and negative) that we all collect along our lives. Experiences leave traces. Some are impossible to hide and determine the nature of future marks. I have been using discarded “useless” materials and given them a second chance by enhancing and adding marks.

Traces - aztarnak is a metaphor in which the material elements come to represent us humans.

 sketchbook design

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

I don’t have a plan when I start to work. Because I use discarded/found materials, I am not in total control of the final result. It is the materials that lead the process. I understand that my task as a maker is to convert these elements into a desirable wearable object. I combine different elements in a variety of designs and when I am happy I start putting them together. Often during this process things happen so even at this stage the piece may end up different.

Itziar Oliberria Workbench scene

Which skills would you like to work on moving forward?

I would like to add the possibility of melting old pieces of jewellery and create new ones out of them. This would add memories of the old stories to its new life.

What pieces would you like to add to your current collection given more time and resources?

I have a few pieces that didn’t make it to the deadlines but I have continued to work with. The experience of ND has made me grow in confidence and encouraged me to continue experimenting.

Itziar Olaberria's work is available view and purchase from our New Designers Exhibition. Featuring alongside the talented works of Amy Findlay, Chen Yihan, Liz Crow, Lorraine Murphy, Nina Letts and Rachel Adam. The New Designers exhibition is available to view in store and online until October 22nd.