Meet The Maker - Lorraine Murphy

Posted on 23 Aug 16:27

Nottingham Trent graduate Lorraine Murphy, creator of @potent_design on Instagram. Introduces her latest collection; Demeter and persephone - A tale of restoration.

When did you start creating?

I have been creating jewellery and ornaments in some form for many years, but only began introducing ceramics when I began University. 

Lorraine Murphy

What made you choose this course?

I wanted to expand my skills and work with new materials, without the restrictions and confines of my studio at home which is the dining room. Then Covid had different ideas!

I also felt at 48 it was time for me to take a few years out of the rat race and immerse myself in creativity.

What was the inspiration for this collection?

My final University collection was inspired by Demeter and Persephone, and their tale of separation and reunion. I also noticed on many hikes around the UK how derelict buildings and Graffiti was everywhere, it gave me a sense of energy and rebellion. And of course nature is unstoppable, when left alone it can penetrate the bones of a structure and conquer it, and this gave me a wealth of ideas for form and materials.

Lorraine Murphy development

Which are your favourite materials to work with and what have you used for this collection?

I love working with clay, it's therapeutic. I have used porcelain slip and copper for this collection, as the copper has been completely recycled from electrical wire and waste metal found in the Uni studios.

I really love colour, so I also work with enamels.

Lorrain Murphy - Artist Profile

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

My process begins with music, and creating an environment where I'm not disturbed by life.

I find drawing impossible, so I create object sketches - bits of metal I have begun working on with shapes I want to incorporate from nature, such as seeds and dried flowers from my garden.

I experiment with texture on metal and ceramics using plastics usually destined for the bin. I want to get something from that waste without creating more.

Lorraine Murphy - flower study development

What is your favourite piece that you’ve made?

I think the bottles are my favourite but I've so many ideas for them!

And the pink graffiti porcelain amphora its just a lovely shape and colour.

How will you develop your work further for future collections?

I will keep researching materials to ensure my work is as eco conscious as possible.

I'm a little obsessed with process and alternative materials, and finding ways to create my work without expensive and gigantic machinery.

Lorrain Murphy - vessel necklace


What are your hopes for the future of your creative practice?

I hope to someday have a studio with the equipment I need to keep making my amphoras. They really are so important to me, each one has its own character and story. I would love to fulfil my dream of teaching others to create them too, and see how they interpret the materials. Nothing gives me more happiness creatively than to be part of someone else's creative adventure.

Lorraine Murphy's work is available view and purchase from our New Designers Exhibition. Featuring alongside the talented works of Amy Findlay, Chen Yihan, Itziar Olaberria, Liz Crow, Nina Letts and Rachel Adam. The New Designers exhibition is available to view in store and online until October 22nd.