Meet the Maker - Francesca Marcenaro

Posted on 2 Mar 07:00

This week on 'Meet the Maker', Francesca Marcenaro tells us her wonderful Fairytale that inspired the 'Lakes of Desires' Collection. Her collection of rings are made in three different metals; 9ct Rose Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold & Silver. They are each decorated with a scattering of twinkling Diamonds or pink Tourmalines for the rose gold ring, mirroring light catching on the ripples of the lake.

Francesca Mancera working at the benchWhen did you start creating jewellery?

"I started when I was 17 years old and I never stopped. In the start it was a hobby, I’ve been a Family Lawyer for 20 years and then I decided to give up with law and to turn my big passion in a job :-)"

Who inspires you the most?

"My main inspiration are Fairy Tales and Nature: I imagine the Fairies picking up pieces from Nature to adorn themselves. Art Deco Lalique Jewels are my favourite."

Lake of Desires Inspiration Francesca ManceroWhat was the inspiration for the rings in the exhibition?

"The Fairy Tale that I imagined for the Lake of Desires Collection is the following: “Once upon a time, Joyelle, Princess of the Kingdom of Happiness, during a walk in the magic Woods of Life, was approached by Fear, a horrible dark witch, who imprisoned her with the laces of Terror and Despair. Trapped in those strong laces Joyelle was unable even to move, crying and sobbing all day long. The Wise Fairy, who’s always walking around the Woods of Life, heard her cry and approaching her said : “ All you need to free yourself from those horrible laces is the weapon of Desire. Look at the lake that you can see through the trees: it’s an enchanted lake that keeps the lost Desires of everyone. ….. Once you’ll find the sparkle of yours, you will become just invincible… The Princess looked at that sparkling, beautiful lake and, as soon as she found her lost Desires, she became so strong to free herself from Terror and Despair, facing Fear without hesitation. She could then go back to the Kingdom of Happiness guided by her Desires….”

Lake of Desires inspiration

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

"I just imagine the finished piece, very clear in my mind, and then I start thinking of the technical issues. When I understand what I need to do I start the making process."

What’s next for your creative practice?

"Every year I make some new pieces for my existing Collections. This year I’m going to learn more about lapidary."

Sketches of the rings by Francesca


Finally, for fun, what would be your dream piece to make or person to make for?

"Every time my dream piece is the next one. I don’t have a specific person in mind, but I always think of a charming person with style and personality."

The RING Exhibition runs until 30th April and  features the talented works of; Sarah Brown, Corrinne Eira Evans, Isla Gilham, Tamara Gomez, Faye Hall, Jessica Jue, Josef Koppmann, Lynna Maclachlan, Francesca Marcenaro, and Mark Newman.