Meet The Maker - Holly Heron-Chambers

Posted on 28 Jun 10:00

Holly Heron-Chambers for Queer Exhibition Diana Porter Jewellery

This week we speak to designer Holly Heron-Chambers and take a look at the pieces in the collection titled ‘Just re-Do It’. "This collection pays homage to the fashion and subcultures from my past to present." We love the use of repeated iconography to create new patterns and shapes and the experimental ways these are turned into wearable art. 

Nike graffiti image inspiration holly heron-chambers

When did you start creating jewellery?

I started creating jewellery in 2016, I studied Jewellery Design at City of Glasgow College before moving onto Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at Glasgow school of Art. I graduated in 2022, so that’s 6 years of studying… Which is a bit mad when I think about it.

Shape exploration by holly heron-chambers for Queer exhibition Diana Porter Jewellery

Who inspires you the most?

I really like web artist Tom Galle, his collection ‘Corp Gear’ was very influential to my practice during my final year of uni. Also, at the moment I really love jeweller Alan Crocetti, and there’s the classic Michael Berger and his kinetic rings. I actually had the chance to see them recently in Munich and they are even more amazing in person.

Holly Heron-Chambers working at jewellery bench Queer diana porter Jewellery

What does ‘Queer’ mean to you?

For me the word ‘queer’ encompasses my identity as someone uncomfortable with outdated notions of gender. The word challenges these binaries of sexual and gendered identities. It’s about non-normativity, it allows people to express their creativity and diversity far beyond the restrictions set by society and mainstream culture. ‘Queer’ allows me to reclaim my sexuality and the parts of myself I was once ashamed of due to others. I carry it like a badge of honour and even got it tattooed on my arm, sorry dad xo

Drawing to finished item Holly Heron Chambers Queer for Diana Porter Jewellery

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

Most of my designs start as rough drawings, I then use CAD to begin thinking in 3D. Once I have 3D printed my designs, I can start to imagine the final piece in metal. I work in a very tangible way, a lot of my design process comes from sampling and wearing the pieces on the body. I’ve never really been one for sketchbooks, just loose sketches and then I pretty much jump straight into making.

Final piece of work by holly Heron-Chambers Display work for Queer at Diana Porter Jewellery

What’s next for your creative practice? 

I’m currently working in London, I moved here shortly after graduating so It’s been a pretty big adjustment from Glasgow. I have been thinking about doing a masters after a few years, but in the meantime, I wish to continue building skills and expanding of my current work. Glasgow was such a crucial part of my identity and has a very strong sense of community and although I do miss it, I’m excited by the change of scene. London is full of inspiration and very talented creatives, so I want to utilise that, collaborate and be part of exhibitions. For me it’s about building a strong community here in London, I think community is very important.

Footwear adaptations by Holly Heron Chambers 'Just re-do it' for Queer exhibition at diana porter jewellery

Finally, for fun, what would be your dream piece to make or person to make for?

I think someone like Lil Nas X would be fun, their pink Versace Cowboy outfit for the Grammys is always a fashion moment I look back on fondly, however the outfit could’ve done with some spurs to finish off the look!  

The Queer Exhibition will run from 5th May until 31st July 2023
Featuring the talented works of; Carlota Mercado, Esteban Erosky, Holly Heron-Chambers,
Laik Ecola, Lukas Svyba, Mark Mcleish and Ruby Taglight,