Meet The Maker - Esteban Erosky

Posted on 18 May 09:55

This week we speak to Madrid based Esteban Erosky as part of our Queer Exhibition. Coming from a sculptural background, Esteban has moved into creating handmade brooches with playful twists. The 'Family Memories' collection of three brooches features hand-painted portraits with unexpected twists.

At first glance, The tan leather brooches appear to reference vintage photographs, keepsakes from a by-gone era. But look again and you'll find the quirky details; skeletal features and bulging eyes transforming these into contemporary curiosity pieces that spark conversation.

Isaac Dix wearing leather Brooches by Esteban Erosky for Queer Exhibition Diana Porter Jewellery

When did you start creating Jewellery? 

I started creating pieces in the form of jewelry in 2014, before I only made art objects.

What does ‘Queer’ mean to you?

It is the freedom, tolerance and equality achieved up to now.

Sketchbook details for Esteban Erosky

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

My creative process begins by making sketches and models based on a concept or idea that I want to express, later I further define the piece and transfer the drawing to metal and enamel, also designing the support and fastening systems, all these elements make up a piece and with each of them I do the same.

Hand detailing the brooch by Esteban Erosky for Queer exhibition Diana Porter Jewellery

What’s next for your creative practice?

In my work there is a constant investigation into techniques and materials to apply them to traditional processes, it is an R&D in jewelry, currently, in addition to enamel, I use leather as a material for the creation of my pieces. I also make specific pieces for exhibitions with a specific theme.

Isaac Dix wearing Esteban Erosky Leather Handmade Brooch for Queer Exhibition Diana Porter

Finally, for fun, what would be your dream piece to make or person to make for?

It is part of some pieces that are in development and is the creation of clothing for a fashion designer, exploring volumes and shapes of the human body.

The Queer Exhibition will run from 5th May until 31st July 2023
Featuring the talented works of; Carlota Mercado, Esteban Erosky, Holly Heron-Chambers, Laik Ecola, Lukas Svyba, Mark Mcleish and Ruby Taglight,