Meet the Maker - Lucie Groom

Posted on 20 Aug 09:00

Meet Lucie Groom one of the five jewellery designer featuring in our latest 'Bug Exhibition'. Lucie discusses how the organic world inspires her work and handy tips for starting your own small business. 

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How is your jewellery made:

My jewellery has been inspired by the curiosities of the organic world. I gather interesting items I find in nature that often inspire or are incorporated into my designs.

My jewellery is made using traditional skills and techniques. I love the technique of lost wax casting as I find it helps to capture a fossilized structure of an insect, plant or organic matter. So we are able to admire this natural specimen for always. 

Details are important to me as a designer so I spend a lot of time finishing each piece to give it the beauty it deserves.

Starting a small business is a lot of fun but also a lot of work. Can you talk us through what your main obstacles and advice for someone looking to launch their own brand?

I think passion is one of the most important things when starting a business. For me I love to create and be curious so my mind is always developing new design ideas and being open to new inspiration. Even though it is hard work at times especially starting up a business, it is important to see each obstacle as working toward a reward. To climb the mountain is hard work but once you reach the top and receive a beautiful view, everything is worth it.


What advice would you give someone who is trying to become a jewellery designer?

I think all I would say is to be committed and dedicated, although it is a fairly small industry it’s always difficult to start something new. I would say that business advice is necessary and motivates you to get going, whether it be free advice or a course that offers an in depth overview, any and all advice that helps to get you started is a bonus! I also would say to make sure you love what you do, and what you create so that you will always enjoy the process of making new work and new pieces.

What’s your favourite bug?

I am very curious about insects so this is quite a hard choice for me. However the Lichen Spider stands out to me. It is a very intriguing specimen, able to camouflage itself through the pattern and colours of lichen. Since lichen is one of my main sources of inspiration, seeing the beautiful uniqueness of lichen transformed onto an insect is incredible. It is another natural curiosity that tends to stay unnoticed, purposely. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

Recently I have been traveling around India, discovering the culture and inspiration behind traditional Indian jewellery. However my normal day usually starts in my garden, tending to the plants. Then I start to work in my workshop. My business adventure is just at the start so each day is different. I am on a journey to collect new information, ideas and techniques so I can follow my passion and succeed in the future.


 What’s on the horizon for Lucie Groom?

I have worked as a blacksmith for several years now and I plan to intertwine my two main skill sets. This will entail combining the unique art of blacksmithing, creating larger sculptural pieces and forming this together with delicate and detailed organic designs, influenced by my jewellery work. I am loving weathered finishes on metal and the patterns nature creates after time, so I plan to form these two ideas together for my upcoming creations.