Diana Porter

Posted on 3 Mar 15:01


1942 – 2021


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our formidable leader Diana Porter.

It has been the greatest honour for us to work alongside a strong and inspiring woman. A prolific creative mind, she was not only renowned for her innovative design but creating work with integrity and honesty. She was a fighter and believer who fought hard to raise awareness for women’s rights and promote equality throughout the world we live in. 

Diana’s passion for her work has been infectious, her collections like Diana herself, are so spirited and who she was as a person is palpable within her work.

Over the years we have heard from hundreds of customers about what Diana’s jewellery has meant to them. How it has brought them comfort through difficult times or reminds them of a special person or moment in their lives. Her words have such meaning to so many. She loved meeting customers, finding out all about them, connecting with them through the design.

She loved supporting upcoming and renowned designers, both through the gallery and also her own workshop. She bought many amazing people together. She was one of the first designers in the UK to produce her full collection in Fairtrade gold, with ethical sourcing at the forefront of her practises. She has been an inspiration to so many.

It was her wish for Diana Porter Jewellery to go on….for us to continue what she has started.

'You can't kill the spirit
She is like a mountain
Old and Strong
She goes on and on and on'

“knowing, aching, losing, accepting, laughing, dreaming, sleeping” – Diana Porter, from her Being collection.  

Photo Credit: Matt Gutteridge