ONE OF A KIND - Diamond Rings

Posted on 27 Apr 12:15

Inspiration comes in many forms and for our new diamond rings, it originates from these incredible rose- cut and free-form diamonds chosen for their exceptional hues and unusual cuts, each diamond so rare there can only be one. Just the thing if you are in the spirit for an alternative engagement ring.

Refined to the very last detail, each ring shines a spotlight on the diamond, cradled in rich Fairtrade gold, they represent our signature, rough-luxe style, and are as individual as the person who wears it. 


A one of a kind golden pear cut diamond from the Jwaneg Mine in Botswana encased in 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold. Pictured with the matching wedding band, made from 18ct Fairtrade gold and finished with a soft filed finish.


A smoky brown freeform diamond held in handmade gold claws, crafted in Fairtrade 9ct yellow gold with a soft filled finish. Below a one of a kind freeform diamond from the Jwaneg Mine in Botswana presented in Diana’s signature molten texture, a polished edge is designed around the stone's unique shape highlighting the glistening facets. Made from 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold.


A rare free form shard diamond covered in glistening facets, held by three claws, designed to complement the striking shape of the diamond. Made from platinum with a soft filled finish.


A one of a kind round rose cut diamond covered in glistening facets, surrounded by 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold. The setting is polished which sets off the the incredible sparkle in the large facets of the diamond with a textured surround. The band has a matte finish. It is pictured here with it's matching strata fitted wedding band.


Crafted from 18ct Fairtrade white gold this ring is centred around a natural one of a kind free form diamond. The gold has been hand carved to highlight the stones unique shape, creating a ring that showcases elegance with a sophisticated edge.