RING ~ Introducing our latest Exhibition

Posted on 5 Feb 10:00

Welcome to our New RING exhibition that launches today, with an extensive selection of beautiful rings to adorn your hands!  

Each year we invite some of our favourite designers to include their most desired rings for this special exhibition. This year we exclusively hand-picked ten designers from the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Fair, resulting in an opulent mix to inspire your next treasured piece of jewellery. Here we introduce a little bit about each designer, their background and design style.

Lynne Maclachlan Silver and Topaz ring

Lynne Maclachlan

Lynne MacLachlan Studio produces colourful, sculptural jewellery and objects, thoughtfully designed and made to bring colour and joy into your life. Our pieces range from accessible everyday jewellery to collectable contemporary craft pieces to large scale interior installations. 

Lynne takes a creative approach with digital tools and materials, exploring and pushing the capabilities of these, using bespoke software tools and 3D printing to materialise complex forms. Combining these tools with meticulous hand finishing techniques, such as dying, polishing and construction, elevates the pieces to become artful pieces of cutting-edge design that endure.

Francesca Marcenaro

Francesca Marcenaro

Francesca Marcenaro is an Italian in love with London, where she settled after having lived most of her life in Tuscany where she is passionate about her Country’s culture. Francesca took classical studies and after university she became a lawyer, although she always loved to design jewellery and to make pieces for herself and her friends. After taking jewellery courses at the Istituto d’Arte in Florence to learn how to work with precious metals, her passion for jewellery grew stronger until she decided to turn her hobby into a full-time job.

Tamara Gomez Double raw diamond ring

Tamara Gomez

Tamara hand crafts fine gold and silver jewellery that celebrates natural beauty and individuality from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Central London. Specialising in rough diamonds and gemstones her jewellery calls to anyone who sees magic in the earth and world around us. Born in Sri-Lanka, Tamara grew up just outside London and graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters degree in Goldsmithing and Jewellery back in 1997.

Each piece in Tamaras signature Rough Diamond collection is a celebration of the raw beauty of a natural uncut diamond. Just like the people to whom these jewels speak, each piece is filled with individuality and personality. The fine jewellery industry might call these quirks and inclusions flaws, but I see the depth and beauty of a truly unique stone. Tamaras inspiration comes from nature, spirituality and intuition. Her greatest joy is working closely with clients to create pieces that mark milestones and celebrate the relationships in their lives.

Isla Gilham juicy bite rings for Diana porter ring exhibtion

Isla Gilham

Isla grew up in Somerset, day dreaming of the tiara her Great Grandfather, George, had handcrafted decades prior; filigree, timelessly beautiful and, most importantly of all, adorned with juicy ‘Jelly Tots’. The sugar coated sweets proudly sat where precious stones usually would. Almost half a century later, with this treasured family story as her prevailing inspiration, Isla designs her own precious pieces with delicious twists; playing on the tempting and indulgent nature of jewels and gemstones.

Corrinne Eira Evans Chainmail Ring for Diana Porter Ring exhibition

Corinne Evans

In her studio on the edge of Dartmoor, Corrinne fashions Luxurious, Effortless and Elegant Contemporary Jewellery using the heritage technique of fine flat chainmail. Her focus being on utilising a combination of raw metal colours and entwining them to fabricate bold and subtle patterns within a flowing metal textile. The combination of recycled golds, silver and titanium create a soft mixed palette encouraging the wearability.

Using these metals choices, Evans echo’s a connection with the land around us, particularly Dartmoor, which is of great influence to her. Creating in the form of chainmail allows Corrinne to capture the links we have with our surroundings in a visual form, through a meditative and absorbing process. The silver and golds act as a shimmering presence within the matt grey of titanium and black oxidised silver, a contrast that lends itself so beautifully to the overall patterned design of each piece.

Jessica Jus Silver bouquet ring for diana porter jewellery exhibition

Jessica Jue

Jessica Jue is a London based silversmith and jeweller. Known for her sculptural aesthetic, Jessica’s design is deeply influenced by her Chinese heritage and Austrian upbringing, in which fluid and bold designs are created. She reinvents traditional techniques in silver to craft elegantly beautiful contemporary designs that have won her many accolades. Inspired by balance and harmony,  Jessica draws and sculpts with dramatic use of fluid and organic playful curves and aims to create a sense of rhythmic movement within her collection. She skilfully manipulates her forms through the ancient art of hammering, while also introducing an abundance of rich surface textures, through the use of pattern and gold. 

Faye Hall embroidered ring

Faye Hall

Originally trained in textiles, and with over thirteen years’ experience designing highly tactile fabrics for fashion and interiors, Faye now applies her perpetual curiosity for surface and materials to create bold pieces of jewellery which marry my textiles practice and silversmithing. Guided by collages and embroidered samplers, she am interested in finding beautiful solutions to combine materials of different weights, colours and origins through embellishment and placement.


Mark Newman silver and Amethyst

Josef Koppman

Having studied at the Arts and Crafts College in Vienna, Josef set up his own studio in London and opened the OXO Tower showroom in 2008. Josef’s sculptural and geometric forms are predominately made in sterling silver with 24 carat gold overlay, fused together by using traditional techniques.

The abstract texture that results reveals the intense colour of the 24ct gold, while contrasting with the gentle and cool shimmer of the silver. Vibrant gemstones, carefully chosen for their unique quality and cut, form the central aspect of every piece. Each and every ring, pair of earrings or cufflinks is entirely handmade using time honoured goldsmith’s skills, resulting in minimalist, wearable jewels for both women and men.

Sarah Brown Gold and diamond ring

Sarah Brown

“I am a native islander from the famous whisky Isle of Islay, on Scotland’s rugged West Coast. Long in the Hebridean tradition, I work in the same way my ancestors have before me – exploring the coastline, collecting and foraging details and treasures from my island shores.”

Fascinated by the vast and powerful waters that surround her home; the patterns and shapes, textures and colours – an endlessly rousing and romantic landscape. Each piece becomes a collage of observations that aims to portray the boundless facets that can be found in such an untouched and untamed natural environment.

Mark Newman bicolour sapphire ring

Mark Newman

Mark Newman creates fine jewellery using traditional goldsmithing techniques, 3D printing and laser technologies. His work is highly conceptual and embraces a newly discovered neurological phenomena, aphantasia which he himself is affected by. Aphantasia causes the mind’s eye to be blind, completely unable to visualise; be it loved ones’ faces, abstract thoughts, and ironically design ideas. This revelation transformed Mark’s practice, pushing him to develop design methodologies which embrace non-visual approaches.

Mark examines logic driven patterns, creating practical “algorithms” informed by pre-established design notions like that of visual hierarchy, aesthetics and cognitive functions in theory of design. Visual inspiration comes from utilitarian systems such as civil engineering and brutalism. Mark deconstructs these in order to explore political and sociological ideas. The end result is a fascinating mix of uniquely cut gems set in intricate and complex designs crafted in precious metals.