Meet The Maker - Lynne MacLachlan

Posted on 6 Apr 07:30

This week for our Meet the Maker feature, we talk to Royal College of Art Graduate, Lynne MacLachlan. After a degree in aerospace engineering, Lynne returned to education to study jewellery and metalwork design, with a desire to reconnect with materials and making. Lynne takes a creative approach with digital tools and materials, exploring and pushing the capabilities of these, using bespoke software tools and 3D printing to materialise complex forms. Combining these tools with meticulous hand finishing techniques, such as dying, polishing and construction, elevates the pieces to become artful pieces of cutting-edge design that endure.

Lynne Maclachlan self portrait

Who inspires you the most? 

I find myself inspired by other female artists and designers working across themes that I enjoy such as colour, geometry, materials and technology such as Bridgit Riley, Rana Begum, Roksanda Ilinčić and Sabine Marcelis, to name just a handful. 

When did you start creating jewellery?

During my time at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, I discovered my passion for creating jewellery through the jewellery and metalwork course. The hands-on nature of the workshop and the endless creative possibilities of the tools and materials drew me in to the course. I went on to study at the Royal College of art and have been practicing for the last 13 years. 

9ct yellow gold and pink tourmaline swirl ring by Lynna Maclachlan for Diana Porter Ring exhibtion

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

I draw on a myriad of different sources, some previous mentioned, I blend these together in a very playful and experimental approach. Every piece is formed with layers of different tools and techniques, from digital software techniques through to traditional metal working to try and create innovative and vibrant pieces that can bring a sense of wonder and joy to the wearer. 

Lynne Maclachlan Purple ceramic coated art ring for diana porter exhibition

What was the inspiration for the rings in the exhibition? 

The rings are inspired playful experimentation with harmonic patterns – three dimensional wave patterns, these underlie so much of science and nature,  so the forms feel organic and essential, reminiscent of water ripples, shell forms or other biological patterns, while still abstract and contemporary.

Silver and blue Topaz ripple ring by Lynne Maclachlan

What is your favourite piece that you’ve ever made?

At the moment probably the Ripple Ring on display, this took a lot of work to get the beautiful flow around the stone and the finger, with a nice rhythm throughout and was the first statement ring in precious metal I had made for a long time. It won a gold award for silver design at Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Awards which made me feel very proud of how the piece came together.

Finally, for fun, what would be your dream piece to make or person to make for?

I’d love to make something for Björk, her creative energy, aesthetic and success while still being so individual is very inspiring.

Lynne's Rings are available to view and purchase either online or instore.
The RING Exhibition runs until 30th April and features the talented works of; Sarah Brown, Corrinne Eira Evans, Isla Gilham, Tamara Gomez, Faye Hall, Jessica Jue, Josef Koppmann, Lynna Maclachlan, Francesca Marcenaro, and Mark Newman.