Meet the Maker - Jessica Jue

Posted on 20 Apr 07:00

This week on our Meet the Maker series we speak to London based designer, Jessica Jue. Jessica is a brilliantly talented Silversmith; well known for her sculpturally elegant designs and a excellent craftsmanship. 

The silver Bouquet ring is showcasing in our RING exhibition and is available to view instore until 29th April. 

When did you start creating jewellery?

I started creating jewellery in my university years 10 years ago. I have always been drawn to sculpture, but something about creating really small and detailed pieces really captivated me at the time.

Jessica Jue working on her sketchbook drawings

Who inspires you the most? 

So many people inspire me! From artists such as Barbara Hepworth to Kate Macquire, I just love the organic and fluid quality of their beautiful forms.

"Inspired by balance and harmony, Jessica draws and sculpts with dramatic use of fluid and organic playful curves and aims to create a sense of rhythmic movement within her collection." 


A pencial drawing by Jessica Jue Inspiration

What was the inspiration for the rings in the exhibition?

Floral and organic forms always inspire me, but for most of my work I tend to start with one component and just build on it as I go. I really enjoy letting the natural behaviour of the metal guide me towards its final design.

Jessica Jue jewellery designer Working on silver sculptures

Please can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

I have a vague idea of what I would like to make when I start, but I enjoy letting the natural behaviour of the metal guide me towards its final design. This involves accidents and experimentation that lead to beautiful unexpected outcomes. 

Silver bouquet sculptural jewellery pieces by Jessica Jue for Diana Porter Exhibtion

What’s next for your creative practice?  

Skill wise I am hoping to create a new range of work in platinum and gold. I really enjoyed the fusing of metals in my silversmithing practice, which is something I would like to bring in to my jewellery.

Jessica Jue Bouquet ring for Diana Porter contemporary jewellery exhibition

Finally, for fun, what would be your dream piece to make or person to make for? 

"A giant garden sculpture or public sculpture that would be enormous in scale."

Lynne's Rings are available to view and purchase either online or instore.
The RING Exhibition runs until 30th April and features the talented works of; Sarah Brown, Corrinne Eira Evans, Isla Gilham, Tamara Gomez, Faye Hall, Jessica Jue, Josef Koppmann, Lynna Maclachlan, Francesca Marcenaro, and Mark Newman.