Meet The Maker - Georgia Rose Clipsham

Posted on 12 Feb 12:42

To celebrate each of the unique Designers that are featured in our 'New Designers 2020' exhibition we have put together a series of blog posts to get to know them a little better.

Kicking us off this week is Georgia Rose Clipsham. Sheffield based jeweller Georgia Rose uses chain as a central motif in her work. In 2017, she spent time honouring her craft working side by side with goldsmiths and master chain makers in Bangalore. Pushing the boundaries of metalwork while experimenting with raw materials, she looks for contrasts, weight and hidden textural qualities.

Georgia Rose Behind the scenes

When did you first start creating?

"I’ve always loved creating, but I first discovered metal when doing my art foundation. I bought a big sheet of copper and just started to cut into it, making these sculptural body adornments. I got no tuition with this, so it was an experimental time, but I was instantly hooked."

Georgia Rose, On the workbench

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

"I was first introduced to traditional chain making while on my placement in Bangalore, India. The goldsmiths were making chain I had never even seen before. Once home I incorporated my new love for chain with observations of my surroundings in the industrial setting of Sheffield and more recently the home space, where my growing passion for home décor and DIY unveiled a whole new world of potential materials and tools. These influences, I think, inform my love for creating pieces with an interesting tactile quality, whether that’s an unusual textural surface or weight."

Georgia Rose - Making Chains

Who are your favourite jewellery designers?

"Camerag47, Alan Crocetti, Veronika Fabian and Imogen Belfield."

Three words you would use to describe you work?

"Structural, articulated and interlocking."

Georgia Rose - Ceramic Necklace

Which piece is your favourite creation?

"My sintered pendant with ceramic chain and silver lock is my favourite, because I incorporated lots of different skills such as microwelding aluminium, lathe work for the lock and slip casting ceramics. I found this process exciting since I could collate all the aspects into one cohesive piece."

Georgia Rose Jewellery

 And finally... What’s next for your brand?

"I intend to continue exploring chain and see where I can go with it, build up my business and website, listen to the mentoring and advice I’ve got access to while in my starter studio at Yorkshire Artspace, and making a return to India is always on the cards!"