Rachel Eardley

Rachel began Silversmithing at 15 after attending an evening course with her grandpa. Upon graduating from Brighton University in 1999, Rachel began producing a range of silver charms & Polaroid drawings.

Inspired by the simple day to day objects in our homes, Rachel enjoys the way her work has the ability to bring life back to things that have little purpose in the way we live our lives today. Intricate miniature drawings and sculptures made from old coins are re-purposed into fine jewellery.

Currently based in West Somerset, Rachel continues to work on and develop her business and collections where a strong illustrative theme runs through all of her work.

Rachel Eardley Rachel Eardley Rachel Eardley Rachel Eardley

How the trial rings work:

  • We will send you a Silver version of the design set with a cubic zirconia.
  • These come in one standard size as we only have one of each.
  • Each ring is engraved ‘sample’ on the inside.
  • The cost of the samples are £200 + Postage charges (if required). However, the £200 is completely refundable once returned.
  • Alternatively, the £200 can be taken off the price of the final ring if you choose to make the final ring with us.

Please select a size.