Maria Rzewuska

Maria Rzewuska forms part of the Designerschmuck collective, producing high-quality and exclusively designed silver jewellery. Heir collections are characterised by clear, elegant shapes with an extravagant high-end fashion feel. Based in Cologne, Germany, Maria Rzewuska has been producing high quality jewellery (schmuck) since 1998 and has an impressive and varied collection of distinguished jewellery lines.

The simply named ‘P collection’ is featured in our gallery and consists of luxurious lengths of diamond cut micro chain. This chain is then weaved and knitted into fabric like forms which are then suspended or enclosed brushed silver earrings and clasps. Some pieces in the collection are given a partially oxidised finish to contrast with the bright brush silver fastenings. Each piece feels luxurious to wear. As you run your hand beneath the silver cloth, light dances across each piece and catches in the individual links
Maria Rzewuska Maria Rzewuska Maria Rzewuska