Justin Duance

Justin began making jewellery twenty years ago and his business has slowly grown into a small workshop in Cornwall where he and his team make bespoke pieces inspired by our surroundings: woods, rugged cliffs, golden beaches and the sparkle of the sea.

His designs evoke an elemental feel by casting precious metals in beach sand or combining them with salvaged woods. Justin’s rings are often creative, rustic twists on classic designs - ranging from sandcast eternity rings to chunky rock rings inlaid with wood. Every sandcast ring is completely unique, their organic texture is determined by the beach sand. Pieces change over time mirroring the way the sea shapes our coastline.

Justin Duance Justin Duance Justin Duance Justin Duance Justin Duance

How the trial rings work:

  • We will send you a Silver version of the design set with a cubic zirconia.
  • These come in one standard size as we only have one of each.
  • Each ring is engraved ‘sample’ on the inside.
  • The cost of the samples are £200 + Postage charges (if required). However, the £200 is completely refundable once returned.
  • Alternatively, the £200 can be taken off the price of the final ring if you choose to make the final ring with us.

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