Alan K Thau

Contemporary Jewellery Designer and Manufacturer Alan K thau is a graduate in International Commerce of Tecnológico de Monterrey and certified by GCI Gemological Laboratories & College of the State of Israel. Born and raised in the cosmopolitan environment of Mexico City, many of his creations have been informed by his travels and interactions with diverse cultures. 

Inspired by his grandfather, also a successful jeweller, Alan has found that his vocation and his passion lies in the design of conceptual jewellery and accessories. His jewellery collections are inspired by his childhood fascination with nature and history; fossils and minerals. Something that is evidenced in his choice of materials for each piece. Uniquely, Alan draws inspiration from his collections of philately as well as numismatics and incorporates these into his work.

Alan responds to the tastes and preferences of his clients by designing unique jewellery and accessories with a sense of history and originality. He focuses on giving each individual piece special attention to the details and elements used, thus creating incomparable pieces that are one-of-a-kind

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