Six reasons to choose Fairtrade gold

Posted on 10 May 16:38

Slow fashion is having a moment. Thanks to recent political shifts regarding the state of our planet, and how we can help make the world a better place. 

With turbulent times ahead, but equally exciting motions emerging as a reaction, it is no wonder the consumer is entirely shifting their thought-processes; second-guessing every purchase and wanting the fairest option available to them. Diana and the team talk us through the importance of choosing Fairtrade gold... 

“Investing in people is the best investment you can make. With Fairtrade it will be possible to do much more”. 

"As a jeweller, I have always had a concern for my work to be ethically sourced, with as much of a fair footprint left on the earth as possible. One of the biggest ethical movements a jeweller can make is to become Fairtrade certified. So, I decided to investigate ways to produce more ethical jewellery. A trip to Bolivia to the Cotapata artisanal mines in 2007 was the beginning of my journey, I saw first-hand the conditions for the miners and the environment. Following the trip, we furthered our research into Fairtrade Gold."

"Now I am proud to say that since 2015 every piece of gold used in our shop, which is manufactured in the UK, is made in Fairtrade Gold as standard, which means that the gold used in the jewellery is able to be traced back to the artisanal miners that were paid a fair wage for their gold and have safe working environments."

Fairtrade stamp on inside of the ring 


In celebration of World Fairtrade Day on the 11th of May, we have listed six fantastic and important reasons below as to why Diana Porter has chosen to only work with Fairtrade Gold, where your money goes, and why it’s so imperative.

We are also offering all our customers 10% of Diana Porter jewellery made from Fairtrade gold online and instore. 

1: You are protecting the planet. In non-Fairtrade small-scale gold mines, miners extract the precious metal using toxic chemicals such as mercury. Fairtrade Standards restrict the use of Mercury and other chemicals. If not done responsibly, mining can cause deforestation, as well as air, water and soil pollution from dust and mud, and contaminates local agriculture and wildlife.

2: Your Gold from Diana Porter is traceable. Our Fairtrade Gold is supporting the MACDESA mine, located in the Chaparra district of Peru. MACDESA are committed to investing back into their community, not only within the realms of mining, but helping them with access to water, electricity and even starting business education for the people that live there. Every piece from our FAIR MIND collection is crafted from gold sourced from the MACDESA mine. Have a look at this case study to learn more about what your purchase is supporting:

To help you choose your precious metal we've created this handy colour guide to help get you started:


3: You are supporting the Health and Safety of the miners. Mining is seen as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, with incredibly unfair work ethics; from long hours, to awful working conditions with little to no safety equipment. Accident rates in non-Fairtrade small-scale gold mines are six or seven times higher than in large-scale mining. The stark reality is death isn’t uncommon. In Fairtrade certified mines, the health and safety of miners is a priority. They must use protective equipment and have all received safety and first aid training.

4: You are giving the miners a fairer cut of the price. With the rise of demand for all things golden, exploitation is often rife in poverty-stricken areas like those of the mining communities. Certified Fairtrade Gold miners receive a minimum of 95 percent of the internationally agreed price of gold as it is traded on the markets. The remaining five percent goes to other participants in the gold supply chain. They can invest this money as they choose, whether that’s in their community, or to improve their business and work their way out of poverty, building better futures.

5: None of your money goes towards Child labour. High levels of poverty in small-scale mining communities’ mean children are often forced to work to help increase their family income. The International Labour Organisation lists mining as one of the worst forms of child labour because it is dangerous and demanding. Only mines that do not use child labour can be Fairtrade certified. Miners must put a Child Protection Policy in place and work to prevent child labour.

6: Fairtrade Gold does not accept conflict. Gold can be mined in countries blighted by armed conflict and human rights abuses. Unless supply chains are properly regulated, gold mined in these conditions can enter global supply chains. Fairtrade does not certify mines that contribute to conflict and human rights abuses. But we do audit responsible mining in conflict-affected areas, making it possible to source gold responsibly from affected regions, traceable back to the mine.

In conjunction with World Fairtrade Day, our most recent exhibition FAIR MIND launched showcasing the most intricate and stunning designs, with everything ethical at the heart of their design. Not just using our Fairtrade Gold, every precious stone is sourced fairly and can be traced straight back to their origin. Find out more about the exhibition here, and take some fairness home here.

 Zircon ring from our FAIR MIND collection