New Additions to our Wedding & Engagement Collections

Posted on 16 Jul 10:10

Introducing our new additions, our latest collection of wedding and engagement rings. Here we have put our own special twist on timeless styles; the solitaire, the halo and the eternity band, combining unique textures and diamonds to give these classics a contemporary feel. All our gold rings are crafted in either Fairtrade or recycled Golds making each of our new rings ethically conscious.

The solitaire rings are each set with their own distinctively shaped rose cut diamond. Shapes range from geometric hexagonals to organically shaped pear cuts, and no two diamonds are the same. The claws are then moulded around each stone in the setting process making each ring unique. Similarly, our new halo rings combine one-of-a-kind rose cut diamonds with a pave halo of brilliant cut diamonds set around it for extra sparkle.

Wedding bands and eternity rings in our molten collection each feature our new exclusive textures. Here, sandblasting and polishing techniques combine to form a tactile finish. Tiny diamonds sit nestled amongst the undulating dips in the molten like surface. Scatterings of diamonds across our eternity bands mean that whichever way you turn the ring a little sparkle jumps out.