Meet The Maker : Agneta Bugyte

Posted on 17 Oct 11:15

With Autumn season in full swing, we welcome new designers into our Bristol boutique. Agneta Bugyte's beautiful handmade jewellery, with its textured surfaces and contrasting silver and oxidised tones, is the perfect fit.



''Pieces are inspired by nature's bionic shapes and plant anatomy.''

Agneta Bugyte is a jewellery designer and an artist based in Brightwalton, Berkshire, where she runs her own studio and a fully equipped private workshop. Following her dream and passion she develops her own brand, style and working techniques. During the last few years Agneta has reached her artistic maturity and increased in productivity and the highest artistic quality of her work. Her series of jewellery pieces are inspired by nature's bionic shapes and plant anatomy. 



At her studio Agneta carefully analyses, sketches and transforms organic forms into jewellery collections of earrings, brooches, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces. Each piece is individually handmade, authentic and unique. As in the geometry of every stone, leaf or tree branch, there is no repetition in Agneta's work, or rather slight changes, which make every object morph in its own natural way. Every wearer of her masterpieces can be sure to possess a custom made, unique piece of jewellery. Agneta has experience in designing jewellery by commission, where she closely works with the client and develops ideas into a personalized object which carries poetic, sensual and timeless value.



Studying at the art school in Lithuania from a very young age Agneta developed the ability to see and feel the materials and subtle textures, and express to these through various media. Agneta's skills in jewellery design come from her studies at the National Arts Academy in Lithuania where she received her professional degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2012. Her education was focused on craftsmanship as well as conceptual thinking.



Agneta strives for formal and textural diversity, delicacy and distinguished originality. She uses precious metals. Silver is one of her favourite metals with which she explores oxidation techniques, whitening, matt finishing or polishing. By using diverse methods to treat silver she is able to create contrasting looks and reveal different aesthetic properties of the material, from shiny and glossy to an aged, smoked and darkened expression. She does it for the purposes of striking the viewer while at the same time revealing subtle properties of silver. She is constantly looking for the unexpected in her work. Every design carries Agneta’s signature which is reflected in her work and brings out the artistic brilliance of her designer talent.