Meet The Maker : Ami Pepper

Posted on 10 Jan 10:28

Ami works part time as one of our jewellers in Diana's workshop and over the last few years it's been a joy to see her personal work develop and progress into something very special indeed! We chatted to the ever so talented Ami, about what inspires her intricate and highly individual work. Here's a little insight into her magic.



What first attracted you to working with jewellery?

When I was little I'd hover around my Dads jewellery bench, waiting for the opportune moment to touch all the sparkly jewels when he wasn’t looking! I dreamt about making them myself one day.


Which designers do you turn to for inspiration?

I love looking at the work of Brendan Stuart Burns, a painter who shares a close relationship with the Pembrokeshire coast as do I. I love his tones and textures and translation of water.


''Sculpting the wax in the shapes of shells and barnacles, I then cluster them around stones, creating an organic and natural look''



Your process is pretty unique; please could you talk us through it?

I carve all my pieces in wax, I love wax, it takes on all sorts of textures and is very forgiving. Sculpting the wax in the shapes of shells and barnacles, I then cluster them around stones creating an organic and natural look.

I love making one of a kind pieces, so using the lost wax casting process is so exciting because so many pieces become unique and just like real treasure.    



How would you describe your collection aesthetic?

To me it’s like ocean treasure!


Which materials do you like to work with?

Wax, precious metals and rose cut diamonds.


How do you see your collection developing moving forward?

The sea and the natural world continue to inspire me so I will nurture that path and see were it leads.


What are your aspirations for the future?

To move back to the coast with my workshop and walk along the beach everyday!




To see Ami's beautiful work, pop in to our Bristol gallery.