Limited Edition 'Solidarity Sibyl'

Posted on 2 Jul 10:10

Introducing the new, ‘SOLIDARITY’ pendant, a limited-edition version of Diana Porter’s infamous Sibyls. This striking necklace has been designed by Diana to commemorate International Women’s Day.



Each exclusive Sibyl is hand crafted in Sterling silver with the word ‘SOLIDARITY’ enhanced by 22ct yellow gold plate. We are limiting the number of these to 150, with each stunning pendant having its individual number hand engraved on the reverse.

The Sibyl’s are one of Diana’s first designs. Brought to life from her university sketchbooks, these 21 stylised women are each etched with a life affirming word. The original collection of hand etched words include ‘joyful, ‘safe’ and ‘strong’ and are designed to hang from chains or special ear-wires. Wearing the limited edition ‘SOLIDARITY’ Sibyl promotes togetherness and unity whilst evoking a sense of personal empowerment.



We will be donating 50 per cent of the sales to The Circle, a charity founded by Annie Lennox whose vision is for equality for women and girls in a fairer world. The Circle challenges and changes the injustices faced by some of the most disempowered women and girls across the globe.  It does this by inspiring women to harness their skills, creativity and influence and become the catalyst for change. Women Empowering Women.


‘Around the world, women hold the key to overcoming injustices and making change happen for themselves. The potential of women to transform their lives is unlimited – if they are given the opportunity to shine. This is what drives us forward and powers our passion for a more just and equal world.’                                         

– The Circle,