FAIR MIND | The New Collection

Posted on 5 Apr 09:38

Diana Porter is delighted to introduce the new collection, FAIR MIND. This stunning display launching in April boasts 25 one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery, with environmental and ethical trading at the heart of each design.

Diana’s focus was to create a collection using an entirely ethical approach. 

In the design process, it was their dramatic colours, textured surfaces and irregular cuts that inspired the creation further, forming artistic masterpieces both innovative in aesthetic and in conscious design and sourcing.

Diana’s focus was to create a collection using an entirely ethical approach. The Fairtrade White, Yellow and Rose gold is complemented by precious stones from around the world. Every stone is mined fairly and can be mapped directly to their country of origin. All purchases will include a card of authentication and product traceability.


 "Inspired by the unusual cuts and colours of the stones, and using yellow, rose and white Fairtrade gold, Diana Porter and her team have created a unique collection of jewellery, with environmental thought at the heart of each design."

A burning amber stone accompanying an offset clear diamond, a barbie pink oval tourmaline from Malawi, and a royal blue sapphire resting in a claw of Yellow Fairtrade gold are a few of the aesthetics that can be expected from an exhibition made from an ethical heart.

"Each of the 25 precious stones can be mapped back to the country of origin, ensuring the owner has invested in an entirely ethically sourced art-piece."

Diana and the team invite you to join them in celebrating this stunning eclectic combination of jewellery from April to June. Rings to sibyls and necklaces, these bespoke pieces will inspire anyone, ensuring only an entirely ethical footprint was left in the process of design - from the country of origin, to the workshop, to your home. 

"The Fairtrade gold used is sourced from the MACDESA Mine in Peru, where social responsibility is at the core of its operations."

The entire collection is available in-store and online.