Paul Finch

Paul Finch was inspired to make jewellery whilst travelling in Asia and has been working as a self taught designer jeweller for nearly 25 years. Working alone in the solitude of his rural workshop in France, Paul draws on his technical abilities to undertake all aspects involved in the fabrication of his work (apart from casting). This results in bold settings, indulgent and  interesting pieces with no constraints on design.

Paul uses a variety of innovative techniques to create distinctive ranges of jewellery characterised by elegance & simplicity. He has a love of strong form with few embellishments preferring to contrast colour and texture into organic flowing forms that are both durable and comfortable to wear. He  creates sculptural pieces in silver and gold combined with diamonds or gemstones in unusual settings.

Paul Finch Paul Finch Paul Finch

How the trial rings work:

  • We will send you a Silver version of the design set with a cubic zirconia.
  • These come in one standard size as we only have one of each.
  • Each ring is engraved ‘sample’ on the inside.
  • The cost of the samples are £200 + Postage charges (if required). However, the £200 is completely refundable once returned.
  • Alternatively, the £200 can be taken off the price of the final ring if you choose to make the final ring with us.

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