Maya Selway

"She sits at her bench, in the half-light with a thousand-yard stare of concentration etched on her face. There is patience about how she works and obstinacy about how she wants it to be."

With the heart of an artist and the observations of a poet, Maya is a jeweller marked apart by an approach led by ideas rather than technique. Ideas always underpinned by exacting craftsmanship. She emerged into art school when everybody was telling her that conceptual art was the thing, that grit under the fingernails and simple materials were outmoded and backward looking. That’s when the thousand-yard stare helped her out, because being Maya she wanted to have both. To live and breathe in a workshop, at the same time as rigorously, nurturing her thoughts and feelings into a conceptual framework that would sustain her work for a lifetime.

From an artistic family and after creative explorations in prop making, silversmithing and sculpture she has come to settle on jewellery for its ability to relate to human experience. And so her art has found its way, not into the confines of the gallery but into the universal language of precious jewels.

Maya's latest collection of rings consist of brilliant cut diamonds and vibrant gemstones, crafted using her signature gold dust texture, making each piece completely unique. Each ring looks wonderful stacked with one another and can be comfortable worn every day.

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