May Hofman

Rosie May Hofman has always been drawn to intriguing objects, from the necklace around her Mother’s neck to her Grandparents’ silver ornaments. Through an enriched childhood spent in rural Gloucestershire; building dens, and collecting shells, leaf skeletons, and seed-cases; a love for small, beautiful, intricate elements emerged and a passion for jewellery making begun. Her work today captures this magical inquisitiveness of exploring through taking things apart and discovering the hidden mechanism and structures.

Rosie went on to study HND Jewellery Design and Silversmithing & BA Design For Industry at Birmingham School of Jewellery and has since been recognised for multiple awards and achievements.

Originally inspired by the mechanics of nature, the designs have evolved into geometric and playful creations taking on-board a tapestry of influences. Using an infusion of gold and oxidised silver alongside tactile components the signature mechanical style is achieved. Each piece is built with individually designed components, that can be strung, stacked and interconnected in different arrangements. Designed to be worn by both men and woman, the brands approach creates endless possibilities of configurations and options.


May Hofman designs each individual component in her collections using sketching, traditional craftsmanship, and modern technologies such as 3D design and Casting. She is inspired to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern craftsmanship and through these chosen techniques and designs, captures an ancient yet modern quality.

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