Lucy Spink

Lucy’s work manifests her sympathy with nature and her understanding of its fragility. She makes each piece to be worn close to the body reducing the distance between our society and the natural world.

“I have spent the majority of my life in big natural landscapes, moorland and parks, mountains and coastlines. The outdoors is my get away and my sanity. It is the place where I find clarity and calm. I have become more aware of the growing separation of society from the rhythms of nature and have chosen to express this through jewellery.”

Using her Granddad’s old workshop tools, each piece she makes shows the marks of process and the beauty of form, reflecting the patterns of nature – the outline shapes of rocky outcrops, the surface patterns made by hammers like the texture of stone, small spurs of silver and gold to replicate the growth patterns of lichens.

Lucy Spink Lucy Spink Lucy Spink Lucy Spink