Brigitte Adolph

Jewellery runs in the veins of German designer and goldsmith Brigitte Adolph, as both parents and grandparents were jewellers. After becoming a goldsmith, she improved her skills while working for the royal jeweller of the Swedish Crown. Due to her fascination for contemporary design, she returned to study jewellery design at the famous University of Pforzheim. Her studies took her from Germany to Denmark, Spain and Switzerland. Since 2005 Brigitte is working self-employed in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Her impressive 'Lace Collection' originates from her long-time passion for old handwork, especially embroidery and lace. Brigitte Adolph creates pieces that are new and innovative yet are inspired by the past of her homeland.

Brigitte Adolph Brigitte Adolph Brigitte Adolph Brigitte Adolph