Agneta Bugyte

Agneta always knew she would be an artist, even when she was little and didn't really know what art was. Brought up in a large town in Lithuania, as a child she often went to the woods and lakes, where the textures and shapes of stones, moss, wood, enchanted her. Reminding herself of those special moments, she always took something back home with her like a piece of tree bark, or moss, a stone or a pine cone.

Humanity, motion and emotion, and nature, all inspire her with their wild beauty and raw grace. Landscapes of deep silences, rough textures, fragmented hoarse and soft sounds, are the backdrop to her thinking, and become transmuted into the distinctive forms of her jewellery. Studying first in art school in Lithuania, her skills in jewellery design came from her studies at the Lithuania National Arts Academy, where she received her professional degree in Jewellery in 2012.

Agneta Bugyte Agneta Bugyte Agneta Bugyte Agneta Bugyte Agneta Bugyte