Rebecca Wilkes

Rebecca’s jewellery makes a strong visual impact by combining modern and traditional techniques, inspired by nature.  Floral symbolism has been used for hundreds of years, particularly in Victorian pieces and she explores the ways it can still be used as the backboard for ultra-modern 3D printed jewellery. Using CAD she creates intricate, colourful pieces that interconnect, allowing the wearer to customise and build their look.  

Originally from Marlborough, Wiltshire, Rebecca studied Jewellery in Birmingham; two years spent perfecting her bench skills and the third doing a top-up degree course which focuses on Computer Aided Design and the use of 3D printing in the jewellery industry. Recently graduated Rebecca is now based in London working for a 3D Printing company and is working towards setting up her business with her award winning contemporary, floral jewellery.

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Alena Willroth, Farrah Al-Dujaili, Holly Suzanna Clifford, Rachel Codd, Rebecca Wilkes and Vershali Jain.

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