Bug Exhibition

Bug Exhibition

Crawl into our latest unique exhibition launching on August 1st until October 31st where we will be showcasing five designers exploring the world of bugs, butterflies or bees through statement and bespoke jewellery pieces.

This stunning collection offers a chance to creatively delve into a part of the natural world quite often underfoot and unnoticed, but undeniably an integral part of our living.

Study the intricacies laced in a butterfly wing necklace, or the delicate tip of a pincer from the bug broach cast in gold. Draw inspiration from the more glamourous side of a bug’s life with a design offering a busy swarm of bees and offset with a scattering of diamonds or a fashionable foil-embossed leather beetle earrings.

The five designers featured deliver a plethora of material and design concepts from contemporary interpretations, to striking fashion statements, each showcasing their unique style of jewellery for the bug lovers!

The five designers featured are; Max Danger, Zoya Dickinson, Lucie Groom, Rositia Bonita and John Moore.

You can find this collection at Diana Porter on 33 Park St (BS1 5NH)