Our new year exhibition features a hand-picked selection of our favourite new graduate designers. Each year we scour the degree exhibitions to find the most exciting, emerging talent. This year we have six designers whose collections deliver a range of conceptual, wearable art pieces. An aesthetic response to an exploration of their individual societies, cultures and environments.

This Exhibition showcases holistic pieces that stir your senses through kinetic movement and fragrance. Artists, whose work provides a visual narrative to their journey through their own spirituality. Designers that meticulously hand-craft pieces to combine disposable materials with precious metals. Minimalistic jewellery in reclaimed materials which contrasts with their natural raw form. Techniques mirroring the effect of global warming, create exquisite rings and pendants. Brooches with hidden details and unusual materials set in silver that will change over time. An exciting, thought provoking and intriguing exhibition to kick off the new year!

Featuring the work of:

Aelita Galevska, Amber Cooper-Green, Chloe Lewis, Sinéad Cooke, Sophia Florence and Zoë Fitzpatrick Rogers

(Please click on each name for more information on the designers)