New Designers Exhibition
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New Designers Exhibition

Our yearly ‘New Designers’ exhibition returns showcasing a curated selection of contemporary jewellery by emerging new designers. This year we have seven hand-picked, graduate designers whose collections deliver an eccentric mix of fun, wearable art pieces. See pieces made from hoof trimmings and recycled silver, alongside embellished bronzed slugs.

The exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to buy unique jewellery and discover new design talent.

This exhibition features the work of Amy Findlay, Nina Letts, Itziar Olaberria, Liz Crow, Lorraine Murphy, Rachel Adam and Chen Yihan.

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Itziar Olaberria Enamelled Steel and Silver Brooch
Itziar Olaberria Heldu Zazazu Brooch
Itziar Olaberria Oxidised Copper Steel Brooch
Liz Crow Gold Plated Rockpool Ring
Liz Crow Silver Ripple Bracelet
Liz Crow Silver Rockpool Ring
Liz Crow Silver Splash Drop Earrings
Liz Crow Silver Textured Bracelet
Lorraine Murphy Copper Graffiti Brooch with Enamel Detail
Lorraine Murphy Copper Oxide Amphoras Pendant
Lorraine Murphy Porcelain Graffiti Amphora
Nina Letts Mixed Pattern Copper Necklace