Latest Bespoke

Posted on 10 Jul 14:59

An incredible bi-colour sapphire from Australia became the starting point for our latest bespoke design. It's free-form angular shape meant a setting needed to be meticulously crafted in wax to it's exact measurements.... Read more

Latest Bespoke

Posted on 27 Dec 00:00

Where do we start with this incredible bespoke ring... it could be the hard to miss 1.60ct oval white diamond the customer presented to us. The ring was designed to... Read more

Latest Bespoke Work

Posted on 28 Nov 13:37

  Our workshop has been busy the past few months, creating some inspiring bespoke designs for our customers. Heirlooms stones have been redesigned into more contemporary wearable pieces - we... Read more

Latest Commission

Posted on 31 Oct 12:25

We were recently presented with a unique commission for one of our customers; an incredible one ounce bar of platinum and the most dazzling princess cut tanzanite we have ever seen. Together... Read more

Design drawings

Posted on 26 Sep 12:37

We create drawings of bespoke designs; the perfect way to begin the process and see step by step how your special piece will look. From the beginning to the beautiful end. Contact... Read more

Bejewelled bespoke

Posted on 8 Aug 11:19

One of our most recent commissioned pieces, this ring is something of a showstopper. Using the customers heirloom diamonds, Jenny our senior designer maker, designed this stunning twist on our... Read more