Face To Face Exhibition

Posted on 25 Apr 11:06

After a recent unearthing of one of Diana’s early artworks of a hand engraved face in silver, we felt inspired to curate an exhibition exploring this theme of faces in jewellery further. Now, for the first time, this archive piece will be on display in the gallery alongside talented works of Caiyang Yin, Charlotte Le Hardy, Elsa Tierney and Isabella Day.

A selection of fascinating, contemporary jewellery collections paying homage to human facial features, expressions and emotions.


Caiyang Yin

(also known as Curtis Yin) is a contemporary jewellery artist based in the U.K, currently working as an artist in residence in School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.

Most of his work has a sense of sculptural aesthetics, in which both traditional and modern techniques are adopted to express the author’s ideas and feelings, especially the view of people’s statement of mind in this fast-paced society.
The selection of brooches in this exhibition perfectly capture a range of emotions as if miniature faces are pressed through the silver and frozen in time. Playful yet minimal in execution and extremely wearable with a bright brushed silver finish.

Charlotte Le Hardy

Belgian born, London-based jewellery designer Charlotte le Hardy is hailed for her unequivocally playful, witty creations.

Le Hardy has developed a layered style that encapsulates a vision of what modern luxury should be: beyond mere aesthetics lies humour and experience.
Rings, earrings and necklaces are set with sapphires and emeralds for eyes or mouth. Each new piece is given is own character and expression and no two faces are the same.


Diana Porter

We were excited to come across one of Diana’s original creations, imagined in the sketchbooks from her university days and brought to life in silver. This is an early model which Diana went on to develop and ultimately inspired the iconic sibyl pendant we have today.

The face has a playful edge to it. A solid silver pendant with a brilliant cut 2mm diamond set twinkling in the eye. Placed on our beloved matt silver chain and worn long, this is perfect for layering up with your own necklace collections or worn simply on its own.


Elsa Tierney

Elsa creates Sculptural jewellery inspired by art and reminiscent of lost treasures in her London based studio. Trained in jewellery making with a degree in Fine Art at Sir John Cass & Guildhall University, Elsa incorporates influences of modern art and combines them with traditional methods of jewellery making.

The Faces collection comprises of Sculptural jewellery inspired by art and reminiscent of lost treasures, each ring, earring, necklace and statement piece is a homage to the modern artists of the 1930’s such as Brancusi & Man Ray & her love for Art Deco, Bauhaus & Futurist styles.


Isabella Day

Devon based designer, Isabella Day creates hand-carved jewellery using traditional techniques and vintage tools that have proved to stand the test of time. For example, the faces in this collection have been carved using Japanese chisels and punches. Devoted to the process and a keen goldsmith, Isabella takes fine gold direct from the dealers and mixes with other fine metals, melting them together to create her own special recipes.

Isabella says: “The moon face has a lovely cheeky wink to it, he really has fabulous round cheeks and a cheeky lopsided smile. I love him!”

As we emerge from a period of isolation and uncertainty, we want to celebrate the symbolism of a friendly face. We are reminded of the ones that kept us going through lockdowns and restrictions; zoom calls with loved ones and outdoor catch ups with friends.

“I feel we are all drawn to faces somehow, perhaps because we feel a connection and familiarity to a distinctive style.” - Elsa Tierney